Double Tuesday!

Double Tuesday!

Double Tuesday? What is Double Tuesday? It means you can get any 2 pizza at a very special price on Tuesday and only at US Pizza. So, my aunt get the brochure from the letter box. US Pizza is promoting their limited edition Chicken Aloha Deluxe. From far when i see the brochure, it’s already so tempting. Then my aunt call me to order the limited edition pizza.

Then she remember today is Tuesday. Its Double Tuesday…. it’s more worth it to order the Double Tuesday. So i called the US Pizza, they already had my record as it is not the first time i ordered delivery from them. In fact all the Pizza delivery had my record in Pizza Hut and Dominoes. I alwis order delivery as i very lazy to go out buy food or eat out. I remember i ordered from Shakey Pizza when Penang had the outlet in Pulau Tikus and Benz Jr a small diner in Midlsland Park.

So, i ordered 2 Large Pizza at RM 38 which save up to RM 21.90. I told the guy i wan it half half so i can get to taste more variety. He tell me there will be an additional charge of RM 3 per pizza. Its ok since i already save so much. So i ordered a combination of Aloha Pizza and US Favourite:Double Tuesday!
(Sorry the picture quality not so good cos i use my hp to shot as my camera ran out of batt)
And i ordered another combination of the limited edition- Chicken Aloha Deluxe and Spicy Chicken ( the guy recommended). Actually he told me there will be another additional charge of RM 3 if i ordered the Chicken Aloha Deluxe ( it actually stated in the brochure, jus that i didnt manage to read it). But he told me he will do it for me without charging. So nice of him…heheheh. So here a pic of the Chicken Aloha Deluxe and Spicy Chicken:Double Tuesday!
Kawan-kawan sekalian…saliva dripping already….? I can give u the number you can call for delivery…lol…. The pizza deliver after 45 minutes… My aunt took out the pizza best mate:Double Tuesday!

Mr Tabasco….i love it!

I am a Pizza Lover…loves pizza so much always craving for pizza……….yummy!

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